Sugarmat - Camel with Rugs PU
Sugarmat - Camel with Rugs PU
Sugarmat - Camel with Rugs PU
Sugarmat - Camel with Rugs PU


Sugarmat - Camel with Rugs PU

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Size:72" x 25"
Color:Camel with Rugs


It's a bit like doing sun salutations in Agrabah — but minus the boyish charm and the chiseled abs of Aladdin. Take your downward dog a little bit deeper on our stunner of a mat with prints by prolific illustrator, Rosie Harbottle, who've taken our dreams of Marrakesh to flesh. We can't promise your Camel Pose will get better on this mat, but it'll definitely look hella prettier.

Dimension: 72 x 25 inches (183 cm x 64 cm)
Thickness: 3.0 mm  
Weight: 2.5 kg


• Polyurethane

• Durable

• Anti-slip; your grip stays put whether your hands are dry or drenched with sweat 

• Water-based inks, guaranteed to not wear out from yoga practice. 

• High-density cushion, joint protection, unmatched support.

• Eco-friendly packaging and yoga mat strap included.

• Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex/PVC free. 

• Widen and lengthen to give more practice space 


Use & Care

Whenever needed, wipe with a clean cloth after a few spritz of the yoga mat spray. Wipe with soft wet towel with mild detergent, air drying, no machine wash. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Do not submerge in water as it may ruin the mat. Keep it away from sharp and hard objects.