Image of Manduka Meditation Cushion - a comfortable and supportive meditation accessory for enhanced relaxation and focus during meditation sessions.
Premium Manduka Meditation Cushion in soothing colors - the perfect aid for your meditation practice, providing comfort and proper posture support.
High-quality Manduka Meditation Cushion in serene hues - your ideal companion for peaceful and comfortable meditation sessions.


Manduka Meditation Cushion - Sand

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Our Meditation Collection thoughtfully combines eco-friendly materials that are both innovative and practical for stillness your way.


      4.2 lbs; 15'' Diameter; 3.5'' Thick 

      Convenient carrying handle. 

      Removable outer cover made from our eco-friendly eQua fabric. It is soft to touch, quick to dry and very durable. 

      Zipper access to dual-component filling. Buckwheat hull filling may be removed or added for desired support while cotton batting ensures maximum comfort.

      Buckwheat hulls are the husks of a fruit product, and therefore are not a grain or a wheat-related product. People with wheat allergies should not have a problem using this product.


product care 

Outer Cover: Machine wash on cold with like colors. Tumble dry on low. Do not use dryer sheets or scented detergents.

Inner Cover: Do not get inner cushion wet as it will cause damage to the cotton batting and buckwheat hulls. Hulls will no longer function properly after being soaked with water. If buckwheat hulls do get wet and become damaged, they can be replaced with new hulls which can be purchased from your local grocer.