Dharma Yoga Wheel coming your way in Malaysia!

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Dharma Yoga Wheel has now arrived and for sale in goYOGA Outlet Malaysia. The Dharma Yoga Wheel helps newbies and veterans back bend safely and fearlessly like never before!

Yoga has helped people with pain management and vitality for centuries, but even a daily practice can only go so far. That’s where the Dharma Yoga Wheel comes in handy. This Hand Crafted Back Roller wheel helps to open the entire back, shoulders, aligns the spine, relaxes muscles, expands the chest, stretches the hip flexors, and quadriceps. It is also known to help relieve back pain and injuries.

We will be launching these awesome Dharma Yoga Wheels in October 2015 and please stay tuned for this! 

Enquiry? Kindly please drop us a note at enquiry@goyoga.com.my. We will respond you within one (1) business working day! 
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